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Thursday, 9 March 2017

A poem

********Again*********(another poem about a broken heart)

A few months ago
In the season of thundery downpours
My heart lied to me
Yet again

I thought I heard it beat in sync with your heart
I thought it received signals from your heaving chest
Signals of truth and decision and love

And again it slowly stopped beating
You had run a knife through it
Again, it fell apart
Broken, shattered and torn into a thousand pieces

My heart had lied to me again
Leading me one more time on a perilous journey
I feel betrayed by my very own self
To have believed a slitherer so

Again I know my poor heart's hurt
But never beyond redemption
For time heals all.

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Song Review

Hi ya’all 😘so I’m here again and I feel I should actually begin to cover my face🙈 really, I am taking too many breaks from my sweet passion.

Well, abeg forgive me once again👊. So I am having a problem, an addiction. Jidenna’s new song Bambi👀👀, chai I have literally played this song to death😫. By now I’m sure Jidenna knows he’s some sort of wizard 👹but “dis song be messin wit me real byad”.

Na “youtube” start this craze, I think what interests me is the fact that the concept of the song is deep rooted African (and I am biased #killme😜). First, he’s in love with Bambi who he calls dear(Deer) and then he says he’s caught in a web and his grandfather had seven wives, which I assume means he has to have so many wives or at least another woman apart from Bambi too. Another Jungle like twist is the part he says “it’s my design, to run the jungle I must be a lion(liar) or cheetah(cheater)” well thank God one man agrees it’s their design😝😆. Then he talks about “the woman among the tribe”, the song’s rhythm, the beautiful vixen( and I am biased to pretty gyals too #killme😜), the fact that Jidenna had a mock/mild scruffled look somewhere in the video(gosh so classic man can sweat?😏😏)
and the crazy pun in the lyrics gat me hooked.

Here’s a link to watch the song on Youtube or download audio( hope that’s legal sha)

Ok, Naija songs that rock me this week are:

#eko Miami-Maleek Berry
#oh baby-Olamide
#Pass the agbara-Skuki

I would do a review of Ed Sheeran’s top charting songs next…watch this space..,muaaah

Thursday, 29 December 2016

Simple Rants(ii)

It's about to be a bright morning according to my phone's weather forecast which can be quite unreliable at times, and I was thinking of how "un-bright" we all seem to think 2016 was.

I for one definitely agree it was a very harsh financial year, with almost zero investments/savings and plenty plenty spending, but I am damn grateful. God kept us through it all, it was pretty tough but somehow we pulled through.

This year was sort of a year of deaths in the entertainment industry, especially towards the end, George Michael, Prince etc... but we are fine and I think we ought to be a bit grateful.

Yes, we can't wait for 2017 already, let it just "shimmy" in "abeg". I have some tips though to ace this coming year like a boss:

* Delete meaningless relationships/friendships and even family ties that seem to strangle you should be let loose.
*Make smart financial decisions-no ponzi schemes please. Don't bother with the headache and heart attacks attached to the numerous ponzi schemes coming up allegedly to help alleviate our poverty. It's a game called "Last-to-do-is-the-maga". Ponzi schemes are built like pyramids and at a point they get to their limit and no one
* Make yourself happy no matter what the year throws at you. This is the most important point though.
Enjoy yourself folks and happy new year in advance!!!!


Saturday, 24 December 2016

Simple rants (i)

So tonight I'm having the perfect excuse to rant, not rant more like talk about some other part of me I enjoy so much. My love for music, all genre, country, soul, funk, juju on dat beat errthing errthing. Sometimes I hear a song play by and I so desperately want to hear it again I find myself typing keywords from the lyrics into google search bar until I find just what I want and my face is priceless at that point.

Tonight I found Emilia's "Big Big World" and I was beyond elated, her semi-crying voice(same thing Adele does to get me all the time) and sweet innocence gets me irked, I mean how can one song be so perfect?

Here's a link to download the song directly...beautiful you'd see.

There are some other songs that have given me the jitters every night recently:

# Heathens by Twenty One Pilots
#Hallelujah by Pentatonix
#Kenny Rogers' The Gambler
#Ric Hassani's Gentleman
and yes please my one time and all time love that is my current ringtone Side To Side by Ariana Grande.

PS: I listen to a lot of music, these are the ones on repeat the past few night.

Love you guys and I hope I get to be here more

Saturday, 22 October 2016


How many of your phone conversations go like this...

Caller: Where did you drop your phone, I've been calling all day, habba?
You: I'm so sorry, I even had like 5 missed calls, I didn't hear it ring.

Yea a lot shey?...well well here are a few tips to make your ring-tone "unignorable/unmissable" (don't bother trying to correct my grammar).

#1_ as much as you like that Enya/Celine Dion/Sade Adu's track, it's not ringtone worthy. It's for earpiece rocking and your personal pleasure. You need songs like Tekno's Pana or any random lil_kesh or Olamide's music as your ringtone to blast you into awareness.

#2_ put on your phone's vibration. That grrrrzzzzz can actually be felt across counter tops, your bed, pocket, bag. This is especially for those crowded market or party calls.

#3_ choose a music track that starts on a high note...not those that start on a slow tempo then increase as the song goes on. Choose strong beats that start right at the start.

#4_ it has to be a song you know, don't go and choose something that would be ringing near you and your mind does not recognize.

#5_ remember you have a phone. Don't be like those people that only remember their phones at bedtime.

My favourite music tracks for ringtones are: FUN's Some Nights, Tekno's Pana or Where, Ariana Grande ft Nicki Minaj Side to Side, any CDQ/Olamide/Lil kesh/Ycee songs...actually most Naija music.

1love peeps...I hope I made sense. Don't give up on Yenique9ja abeg, we are still here.

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Saturday, 20 August 2016

Should we let love judge us, choose for us, change us or even chain us.
Several people think they ought to change their thinking, actions, characters to suite their lovers'. I am not saying you don't bend, but how much?
I think changing or losing your friends because of a relationship is the greatest mishap. If he/she has misgivings about your friends, sit and talk about it. You can create a middle ground (e.g keeping a little distance if you understand your partners fears or bringing him/her and your friends a little closer so he/she can get to know them more)
Let your partner understand and appreciate your individuality. You were someone prior to meeting him/her and that person still needs to breathe.
‪#‎love‬ ‪#‎relationshipadvice‬ ‪#‎realtalk‬ ‪#‎loveadvice‬ ‪#‎breathe‬ ‪#‎friendship‬ #100%

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Go and marry

You sit down with mummy for barely an hour, gisting happily, occasionally smiling into your phone and next thing you hear is "when am I meeting your husband sef?". As in I enter defence mode straight up, I'm like "don't start na".
I just unleashed the preacher/counsellor in my mom...she doesn't only start the questions and lecture last as Cele church on Sunday.😢. I tire.

All the dudes out there are still out playing na😒 where I wan see boyfriend (considering na husband she ask ooooo). Anyways the point are the one that matters. Don't ever rush into any relationship cause of pressure from peers, parents or @bellanaija☺. Take your time to study and know your spouse very well. So you won't end up having plenty marital issues.

L👀👀k well before you leap.


#love #relationshipadvice #truelove #bellanaija #africanmum #african #africanparents

Saturday, 9 April 2016


Dear Banker Marketer,

I see you wake up at 4'30, do you not miss your bed?
Is that tie not too tight?
The suit, Italian eh, the sun,consider it
You shall not be in the office but two hours
then into saka, odeku.The sun
Consider it.

Your pants are too tight...wouldn't it rip
Your hop from keke to bike
Wouldn't it rip

Is this who you are?
Or is there someone else inside?
Did you always dream of ties, excel sheets and targets?
Tell me.

Flee broad street and live your life again.
It's simple you know.

Consider it.

Friday, 25 March 2016



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Sunday, 31 January 2016

Question time

Ok I came across this hilarious video...a little insight though, can you date an Ex-hoe? or rather marry her? click to watch


At work today we had a mini-discussion about trans-gender folks, the sudden influx of these folks ehn….I am thinking Caitlyn Jenner set em’ loose. I am still in the middle with this situation (doesn’t mean I won’t poison my son/daughter/sibling born male or female that wants to Trans). I am in the middle as in generally I have been more sympathetic to the ladies who decide to turn male, no particular reason but I just assume they have more to lose than gain and if they feel the trouble is worth it then they do have an issue, let them solve it that way if they please.

As for those guys that Trans…na na na na na, that’s perverse, creepy, weird and totally unfair because some get away with it (until they talk). I have something against them…it’s not a question sef, I have a lot against them. The most annoying part is this surgery/ sex change is not a one off, they have hormone injections they have to keep taking to keep up. Second thing I have against them is their voice that CAN’T change…how can you have that hawt body and that bazzzy base voice? Third? There’s always an element of man in their hands, feet, and weird build…not nice. Moreover people like Caitlyn whom I totally adored as Bruce are giving senseless dudes hope. Caitlyn is just an attention starved madam who’s been parked in the back with the K-Klan success, and who has some seriously lose money to spend.

Moreover the surgery started as a sex reassignment surgery to help people with real questions about their gender, not the new age people who say “I am a lady in my head, just trapped in a man’s body” abeg come church let us do deliverance. These claims aren’t real and these are things that a good (willing) psychologist can help you sort out. A lot of things can make a lady want to be a man and vice versa but these thoughts aren’t permanent. It takes will and proper explanation that the procedure is complex and doesn’t turn you to a man or woman in all totality.

I think that genuinely some people have complex psychological/emotional reasons to assume they need a sex change but I don’t think it’s irreversible. This is where my Christian faith comes in, it’s incredulous…and non-acceptable for a Christian man/woman, even Muslims, if you or someone you know is passing through something like this please let me know, let me invite my pastors.

This is not an enlightening article…it’s a rant. Don’t bring this mess into Nigeria oooo.

Na yenique dey yan...ttyl...xoxooxox

Thursday, 7 January 2016


Love, love, love...that's all a mother has for her child, what a boy hopes for in his lover, what makes him marry her, what he hopes his child feels for him...on and on and on. But what is love? A feeling of commitment?, an inexplicable joy and peace around a particular person, a tight thorny thread that you spin a circle of gold (according to Sarah Maclachlan). Whatever you feel it is love is mostly a fusion of confusing and sometimes conflicting emotions, you want it, it hurts you, you can't get enough, you wants more, you want less...on and on.

Today I want to say the things love are and are not according to me, or at least to a survey I have done from personal experience.
                                                   ****Love is****
*Blind: Yes just like that blind statue in all court buildings (ubi societas something something), love doesn't select, doesn't judge, doesn't see the clothes or cars.
*Endless: I am not saying you don't fall out of love but somehow true feelings of love stay for ages, fading but present there somewhere.
*Jealous: This is true, even for y'all that claim I don't care what she/he's not true. Love comes with territoriality, you don't want someone else ruling in your domain.
 *Giving: You can't be stingy in love...not necessarily money. You give your time, your respect, your body...everything and sometimes get nothing back but you still keep giving.
*Respectful: No man or woman (in my survey) has been found to love without giving each other at least a little comes with the terrain.
*Forgiving: I didn't say forgetting but sincerely letting go of the grudges. Lobe can't hold on to his/her partners wrong doing.

                                             ****Love is usually NOT**** 
*Faithful: I hate to say this but loving someone doesn't mean you can't cheat on that person. You cheat with your body sometimes and your mind is somewhere else. Not like I am endorsing this but it's just a sad truth I have come to accept.
*Honest: Honesty is a virtue but it can destroy a lot ofttimes so don't blame your partner when a little (or large) detail is left out of conversations. It's sometimes out of respect that all truths ain't spoken(revert to ****love is****). As hard as it to accept that lies can be told by someone who loves you, try to understand that some things are better left unsaid..."dazz all".
*Understanding: Sometimes you love someone but can't seem to get along on simple things, that's because love doesn't auto tune you into understanding and accepting how someone thinks or sees things.

Through and through love is sweet, love is fun and as confusing as it may seem humans always want and need someone to love. I fell in love with one man and have felt all the shades of love, what it is and what it is not with him and somehow i can't stop loving him(not saying anymore). Share your ideas on this subject with me...xoxoxoxoxo it's yenique.

Sunday, 29 November 2015


It's quite disheartening that Nigerians young and old are annoyingly tribalistic. There is unity in diversity as a wise man once said and honestly apart from language and a few cultural practices we are all the same. I was on Instagram a few minutes ago and there was this meme saying yoruba's are dirty/ugly/the cause of Naija's problem etc. , the meme didn't get to me as much as the arguments in the comments section. I didn't realize there was real hatred amongst Nigerians just because they are from different parts of the country.

Corruption, terrorism, insufficient resources, unemployment are amongst the numerous problems this country is facing and somehow in the midst of it all we find times to resent one another for stupid ethnic bias our very uninformed predecessors passed on. I say uninformed because they were less informed about other peoples or their traditions and that is not completely their fault. As the world is becoming more integrated we should also learn tolerance.

We cannot all have the same values or views about life, our sense of style doesn't have to be the same but we can learn to work together without resentment and a clean heart. It's no secret that a grudge-less heart actually knows more peace. Creating barriers in your mind might and eventually would set barriers for you in real life at some point. Even members of your tribe could turn out to have as many dissimilarities as possible with you. Just as we say no to racism in the world let us also stop the tribal bias we seem to only be brewing more.

Have any suggestions or thoughts please feel free to comment or message on facebook.

Regards. Yenique

Saturday, 29 August 2015


Hi dears, I can't begin to apologize for my absence here. Writers block, Lagos traffic and a ton of insatiable clients kept me away. A lasting solution that would keep me active always is in the works.

Anyway there's been marriage fever everywhere, people are getting married (and breaking up) and making the single ones out there dream of their own magical-dress-in-white-day. Don't get me wrong I am not a hater of happy things I am not just ready because some boxes on my to-do before marriage list ain't ticked yet.

There are some basic things that we ladies need to do before we tie the knot, because the knot is really a knot that is not so easy to untie. A lot of young ladies out there get bored after getting married because they have to share all facets of their life with another individual. Here's a bucket list I put together of things to do before smiling to the alter with that man:

  • Travel*** yes I mean it, go somewhere. See another town/state/country, with your friends, alone or with the "bae" just make sure you have the time of your life. Reason ***If you start having kids there's a possibility it would take a while before you have such alone time again.***You would likely go through a single girl's timeline and see her having fun and start feeling bored with your own life,this won't happen if you have had as much fun yourself.
  •  Date someone else*** I am not saying be a bad b**ch ooo, I am only saying satisfy your curiosity and don't say there's none. Reason*** You might get to a point where your husband starts to bore you or annoy you, then you start thinking of all the lovely dudes who wanted you back then, if you had experience with some other person you would know that there was something peculiar about your husband that made you pick him, not like he was the only option. ***Naive women cheat more on their husbands as they want to explore, don't explore after marriage, explore now.
  • Spend lengthy time with your "bae"***be with him, cook(even if you can't cook, make the drowning indomie like that), watch t.v together, sleep together(literal meaning) and all sorts. Reason***This makes you know what you are getting into shikena, if he's a werewolf on a full moon and other little details.
  •   Decide if you want kids and ponder on this*** are you Kim K shape and don't want to ruin that but want to get married and have kids? Think about all the angles, do you want kids?When?How many? and all that. Reason***For some African men Children form the basis of marriage and believe me having a kid or two isn't an easy feat. Stay with people who have had theirs, be prepared and find the idea absolutely appealing so when it happens you are ready to take it on.
  • Fight and make up***this is absolutely-completely-utterly-seriously important.A wise man once said "you only get to know someone after a brawl" Reason***people get to show their true feelings when angry, their fears, and underground issues with you come to the surface. That way you can decide to work it out before the big decision or you would find out you can't keep up with this person.
Being married is a lot of things and amongst them all FUN should come first and last. The foundation determines it all. Know what you are getting into and be prepared. As for me, I am ticking the boxes one by one when I get there y'all would be the first to know.

Please tell me how this article was,comment, inbox me, ping me, Whatsapp me with * for duh, ** for well OK, *** for FUN and meaningful. It's yenique.....xoxxoxoxox

Saturday, 23 May 2015


    "BOY KILLS SISTER'S LOVER" one headline read,so many other newspapers didn't consider it front page worthy but  had a column or two carrying the story.
     A few cases made it to court in here in Nigeria they just rot on an officers table at "Alagbon" same way the suspect rots away in the cell. Brume made it to court, the social media awareness was massive,BBM broadcasts,Facebook updates, there was even a viral video of him screaming and stomping off after killing his victim. Brume made it to court.
         The sisters betraying tears, the viral video and embellished stories made him into a monster. Though she said nothing, the now heavily pregnant sister was obviously not crying over his incarceration, she worsened the case. In the courtroom questions were pushed at him, he was probed and defended in "big grammar" with the lawyers sometimes showing off for the cameras. He answered, defended himself but never cried or showed signs of remorse.
      He had regrets, plenty of them....starting from the beginning.
      He regretted being born: there was no point to it, he regretted having a dipsomaniac father who thankfully got himself killed one drunken night. His mother was an hardworking woman who sadly died...her death was yet another regret not just because he loved her but because the then 18yrs old Brume was left to take care of his two younger sisters.
       He tried to provide everything for them, starting with education but they were both hopeless dunces, even at skill acquisition. Little by little his tiny rays of hope in a better future were getting shut off.One of the dunces eloped and was hardly heard from shutting another ray of hope as she went.
      The second dunce held the last ray and on the 19th of  October she blocked it out.
   Brume got back from a very stressful day of drilling gutters to meet her and the landlord's son in bed as he stood there waiting for them to run out like scared rats he was given the shock of his life. The dunce's dunce (landlord's son) stood up and leisurely went to pick up a pure water from the table gulping it down like a parched cow...the dunce (the sister) said "bloda noh vex, na ya inlaw alredi....I don carry belle eh eh eh eh mama bonboi".
      Then the world stood still "mama bonboi, carry belle" the dunce's dunce drinking his pure water like a parched cow, his last ray of light and she laughed "eh eh eh", he took out his frustrations on the dunce's dunce. Not exactly his fault the guy was a weakling and died from a shove and push against the wall...yes people had rushed in and were all begging him, yes he growled like a wounded animal because he was wounded. "Carry belle, mama eh eh eh" it was a wrap....he didn't mean to kill he meant to hurt, hurt seriously.
      He got a life sentence but would get out some 20 years later. He wouldn't  go home, he wouldn't care about the dunces or the rays of hope. He might become a dipsomaniac himself and probably die on the road one drunken morning. Or wouldn't he?